Welcome to the Buzzsaw…

This free tool automatically hacks PR buzzwords out of press releases to make life more bearable for Britain’s hard-working journalists.

The Buzzsaw can also be used for speeches, strategy documents, advertising copy or any other collections of words that need to be as clear as possible.

You’ll find that toe-curling terms like repurposing, solution, robust, best of breed, mission-critical, next-generation, web-enabled, leading, value-added, leverage, seamless, etc, are struck out by the Buzzsaw.

It also takes a scythe to cutesy Hipster-style words and phrases like “totes amazeballs”, “awesome” and “super excited”.

To compile the Buzzsaw database we asked thousands of journalists to supply examples of the PR terms that irritate them the most.

The Buzzsaw was invented and  is developed and maintained by Houston PR.

How The Buzzsaw works

Paste your press release, speech or any other statement into the box and press the ‘Buzz it‘ button. The copy is instantly checked against our buzzword database and is returned with the buzzwords crossed out.

The Buzzword database is updated constantly. Journalists can submit buzzwords at any time by e-mailing buzzwords@prbuzzsaw.com

The Buzzsaw has also been lubricated with a selection of terms from John Rentoul’s The Banned List: A manifesto against jargon and cliché. 

John is the UK’s Buzzfinder General, chief political commentator for the Independent on Sunday and visiting Professor at Queen Mary, University of London, where he teaches contemporary history.

The Buzzsaw tool will be available again soon!

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